The ProCure project explores whether probiotics (beneficial bacteria) are able to reduce infections of the ear-nose-throat cavity. This project is a collaboration bringing together distinct research groups.


  • IOF POC ReLACT: Intranasal probiotics versus respiratory viruses
    Can we guard ourselves against respiratory viruses with probiotics? In one of our follow-up projects, an innovative approach based on probiotic strains is being investigated in experimental models of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV is the leading cause of severe lower respiratory tract disease in young children worldwide. One of the things we want …
  • Sneak peak of our latest research results
    Find out more about our multidisciplinary reserach in one of our most recent papers, of which you can now view a sneak peak online. We are enthusiastic about our promising results with our probiotic nasal spray that we tested in 20 healthy volunteers and are looking forward to the follow-up research!    
  • Pharmabiotics conference
    On March 11th, Irina Spacova presented our work on the promising upper respiratory tract isolate Lactobacillus casei AMBR2 at Pharmabiotics 2020 in Paris. Due to our multidisciplinary team, we were able to test a probiotic nasal spray in healthy volunteers.        
  • Congratulations dr. Martens!
    January 22nd 2020, Katleen Martens finalised her PhD about ‘The effect of the microbiome on nasal epithelial barrier function in chronic rhinosinusitis’ with a public defence.